Discovery Process

I work with business owners to understand and resolve common IT and operational pain points. I leverage my experience to help businesses address unstated and peripheral IT needs. I provide strategic and tactical support to facilitate desired business outcomes.

Why Me?

The entire arc of my (MIS) career which spans almost 30 years now, has been dedicated to working with and building highly organized and effective service operations. Where my primary philosophy is know what you are doing, know why you are doing it, know if you are doing it right, and determine if you can do it better. All of this done in a way that empowers the individual through supportive mentoring and encouraged success. This is the standard and the vision that I bring to each and every enagement.

Consultants vs Technicans An Important Distinction

As a consultant, I have a demonstrated capacity to do technical work. However, I am not a technician posing as a consultant. This confusion stems from technicians who call themselves consultants. This confusion leads to an expectations mismatch. Here are the key differences, computer technicians think within the narrow scope of information technology, whereas IT consultants think within the broad scope of business. Computer technicians solve technical problems, whereas IT consultants solve business problems through technology. One is not better than the other, but they do have different mandates and orientations.

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