LeeWare Self Managed Linux Dedicated Server Hosting LeeWare Self Managed Linux Dedicated Server Hosting

LWC20X10 - Linux Dedicated Server

LEEWARE-LWC20X10 Product Details

Central Processing Unit 20 x AMD-64 3400+ / AMD-64 LE-1250
Random Access Memory 20 x 4GB DDR / DDR2 (80.0GB)
Hard Disk Drive 20 x 200GB (4TB) / 250GB (5TB)
Operating System CentOS 6.x 64-bit
Monthly Bandwidth Volume
3000GB (Pooled)
Average Rate Policy 10Mbit/s
Max Burst Rate None
Support Self Managed / Unmanaged
Terms month-to-month
Setup Fee Free $0
Acceptable Use Policies Click Here To Review
Monthly Recurring Charge (MRC) $400.00 USD
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Platform LeeWare

LeeWare Provides Powerful Linux Dedicated Servers that come standard in a grid configuration giving you more aggregate processing power, memory and storage capacity than similarly priced products in the marketplace. Rather than relying on cloud (shared hardware) for service delivery, your applications will run on bare-metal thus reducing the overhead of virtualization. Layered on top of our x64-bit hardware configuration is a 64-bit Community ENTerprise Operating System or (CentOS) which maintains 100% binary compatibility with Red Hat's Enterprise Linux.

LeeWare's dedicated server solution is an affordable alternative to colocation and cloud based offerings because the service is geared towards multiple dedicated server configurations. Therefore, our typical clients are experienced systems administrators and firms who need a hosted environment for running ip-telephony infrastructure, data-mining / data-processing clusters and grids, Financial analysis, game servers and back-end infrastructure for web 2.0 based sites and services.

LeeWare is able to deliver this extreme value by transparently stripping out all of the "bells-and-whistles" which would significantly increase the price of the service. Obviously, a "no-frills hosting solution" will come with some relative risks but those are covered in service disclosures on the about page so that as a potential customer, you can measure the risks and plan accordingly.

The most successful clients use our services to host some portion of their infrastucture be it; front-end web and application servers, middle-ware brokered services or back-end database and storage servers. Through due-diligence LeeWare has been able to maintain a stable hosting environment which translates into increased customer confidence.


LeeWare Development specializes in delivering multi-server linux dedicated server packages ranging from 5 to 128 servers, each package includes: rack space, servers, UPS systems to protect your critical work loads from short-term-power-outages + 100Mbit/s of free server-to-server transfers. Pooled bandwidth allocations are available in the form of Dedicated Internet Access (DIA). This is a connection to the Internet for your servers to share. Bandwidth is available in [5Mbit/s, 10Mbit/s, 20Mbit/s, 40Mbit/s 60Mbit/s,500Mbit/s and 1000Mbit/s ] increments.

All servers are stored in privately held Lights Out Facilities located in and around the Chicago Metro Area eight sites in all housing about 1000 servers collectively. These sites are tied together on a Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) utilizing leased Optical Ethernet circuits (GigaMAN) The network POP is located in the CRG West Building formally Western Union Telegraph Building @ 427. S. Lasalle in Chicago Illinois.

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Metro Area Network

LeeWare's Metro Area Network is directly connected to Cogent's Network Backbone via a tail circuit to the Soreng CO in Schiller Park IL. Cogent Communications is a valued and exclusive partner for providing OFF-NET connectivity for LeeWare's Metro Area Network Services. google_map